I was wrong about Mark Perry

I thought Mark Perry was a sexist; see my 2015 post:  http://wp.me/p3RzvV-gK

Actually, he just hates women.  Here’s his latest, on the impossibility of a pay gap between men and women in the US.  It’s called

Evidence of employers paying women 20% less than men for the exact same work is as elusive as Bigfoot sightings

He lists a whole bunch of reasons why men’s pay *can’t* be higher than women’s, most ending with the words “not likely.”  As in, he is presenting no evidence.  That’s elusive.

Just as he can make up rationalizations for his case, anyone could  make rationalizations the other way as well.  So tempting.

Instead, how about some data.  Here’s an example, Mr. Perry:  JAMA article on nursing pay gap.  It even includes all those controls you long for.

It’s a shame about Professor Perry.  I agree with him on so much.  Just don’t get the hate.  Go Blue!

Edit 3/30/17:  Ivanka Trump just took a position at the white house paying $0.  Also, not sure if people consider Melania Trump a feminist but I’m kind of glad to see her turn down the unpaid full time first lady gig.


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