Improvements in dental fillings

It’s about time!

From iflscience:

Every year, dentists fill millions of cavities from teeth that have decayed. Ordinarily, this does its job in protecting the inner pulp from harm, but in around 10 percent of cases they fail. This requires the dentist to perform a root canal and completely remove all the infected tissue from the center of the tooth. But what if there was a way in which to encourage the tooth to repair itself?

Well that is exactly what researchers at the University of Nottingham and Harvard University are trying to achieve. They have developed a new biomaterial that they say allows the damaged pulp to regenerate a protective layer of dentin. This should help the tooth prevent infection of the site, and make for more integrated and long-term fillings, causing a significant shift in the way that dental cavities are treated.

Read the whole article for more details.


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