Autism and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Apparently your brain can be changed by magnetic stimulation.  This article from nymag discusses how an autistic man had his life changed using this process.

TMS modified my emotional response to what you might call ordinary situations. I often put it this way: You might be crossing the street and you fall and you skin your knee. I’d say, “Come on, get up!” The very best advice I could give is come on, get going, this car could run you over. People would see my practical response as cold and emotionless. After TMS, I’d look at you and wince at your skinned knee. I never did that before. And I now realize that wincing at your skinned knee is the response most people have. I still have the autistic response, but I’m also aware of what you might now call the “empathetic response from personal experience.”

I wonder how much energy is required to make changes to the brain, compared to, say, cell phone use?  Or other electromagnetic fields that exist all around us every day?  And does this energy add up in our bodies, or is it more environmental, like the air temperature around us?



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