Gut bacteria vs. Anxiety

From Dr. Don Colbert:

Study: Eating Fermented Foods May Decrease Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety Disorder

Within the study, individuals with the greatest risk of developing social anxiety disorder seemed to benefit the most. Psychologists have always looked to the brain in trying to find the answers for improved mental health. Now, a new door opens in researching the gut as it relates to mental health.

Environment of the Gut

Psychiatry Research recently published details about this specific study. The researchers feel the environment of the gut is very important to the overall health of the individuals. Amazingly, as the gut health is improved positive benefits are gained in mental health, including lessened nervousness.

Approximately 700 students participated in this one study. Mass testing was administered to include recording the types of food eaten over the course of thirty days, exercise endured, consumption of fruits and veggies, and so forth. Trends were examined thoroughly.


The Strongest Relationship

Students with the highest degree of neuroticism held the strongest relationship (eating fermented foods provided the highest positive outcomes). Neuroticism is a long-term tendency for an individual to hold a negative mental state. Secondly, the students who exercised more also gained an increase in lessened nervousness.


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