Proof of God

I’m not educated on this topic, so this is probably quite sophomoric to those who are.   Here are 3 pieces of circumstantial evidence that God exists.

  1. Science and nature. Not “the beauty of a tree,” although that is also quite compelling, but rather the way science describes nature. Specifically, math. The way that math works is so perfect, it can’t be random. I defy you to look at the Central Limit Theorem and not see God’s work. Another example would be fractals.   
  2. Consciousnes beyond the self. Almost everyone experiences this at some point with other people. Performing music with others, group meditation, cheering for a sports team with a crowd. Some people experience it alone, or in nature.  But almost all of us feel it. The case can be made that this is specifically described in the Bible as God’s grace, or the Holy Spirit, or the peace of God which passes all understanding.  Obviously groupthink and crowd mentality can cause bad things to happen. I’m not sure what to make of that, but I am sure that God is in the symphony.   Jon Rappaport has some interesting thoughts on this topic which pretty explicitly do not involve any God.  I guess it doesn’t have to be God, but certainly it counts as a higher power in a 12 step program. 
  3. The epiphany / conversion / enlightenment experience. This is a core tenet of Christianity.   It’s easy to find an evangelical who will tell you the story of how they were saved. St. Paul, Ben Carson, Jim Carrey. These people are sincere, and not stupid. Some describe an event which immediately and permanently changed their life trajectory.  Others describe something more fleeting, but which they now strive to  build toward.  This is not a universal experience (just ask Donald Trump).  But it is real, and I would present it as evidence of God as well. Also, this is the only one of my examples that points clearly  to a benevolent rather than an indifferent God. 

Good vs. evil, free will vs. destiny,  etc. are beyond the scope of this post. I don’t feel it’s necessary to understand all that in order to believe that there is a god. In fact, I think only hubris could lead a person to think that they could even begin to understand.  That’s a huge problem with religion. People want answers, and religions provide them.   I prefer to start with God, assume benevolence or at worst indifference, and go from there. 


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