Obamacare for 2016

Recap:  My old, pre-Obamacare plan was grandfathered for one year, 2014, with its normal 6 or 7% increase.  My  premium went up from 2014 to 2015 by 40%, with a slight decrease in deductible.

For 2016, it’s going up another 40%, with another slight decrease in deductible.  A cheaper plan with higher deductible is available from another insurer.  However, that plan has a VERY limited provider list.  I want my insurance to cover a catastrophic event, meaning, if I were to have some unusual and/or life threatening condition, I want to be able to go find the best care available, not just the best care in network.  I’m willing to pay more for out of network services (which is what happens with the plan I am buying), but the cheaper plan does not cover them at all.    Even the cheaper plan was an increase of 23%.

Highmark/Allegheny Health and UPMC are immoral organizations.  It’s beyond me how they can do what they are doing and still be considered tax exempt.  It must be very hard for the sisters of St. Joseph to watch their healing creation be turned into a profit center.  I hope they are able to take the money they got from it and use it to another good.


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