War in the Middle East

Here’s an idea.  To stop the wars all over the middle east, let’s stop shipping armaments and ammunition there.  Obama is going to meet with Putin regarding ISIS in Syria.  Maybe he can propose that to him.

All the arms.  To anyplace in the general vicinity.  Nothing to Israel, nothing to Iraq, nothing to Egypt, nothing to the Saudis, nothing to anywhere.

And maybe enforce that.  Set up a perimeter, and use drones to blow up anything coming in.  I’m sure drones can tell what is in trucks.

War will have to stop, at some point.  The actual governments in the area will conserve their stockpiles, but anyone in an active conflict will simply run out.

Yes, this is not “realistic.”  But then again, think about all the other solutions proposed.  And all the things that have been tried.  Maybe more realistic, but not working.  In  fact, it seems like everything we do makes it all worse.

Edit 9/17/15:  Not if Carly Fiorina has anything to say about it!  Wow!


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