The War on Terror is killing American kids

From dated 4/14/15:

Opium production in Afghanistan has “grown fortyfold” in the 13 years of US Operation Enduring Freedom, according to the head of the Russian Security Council. The intervention has “exacerbated existing problems,” rather than solved them.

“Unfortunately, the failed policy of Washington did not solve, but on the contrary exacerbated, the existing problems,” Nikolai Patrushev has said while addressing the heads of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Security Council.

It was previously reported that since the US toppled the Taliban in 2002, opium production in the country has tripled.

Afghanistan remains a homeland for the largest opium poppy production and distribution network in the world, supplying more than 90 percent of the global crop.

The United Nations says opium cultivation in Afghanistan increased by 7 percent in 2014, hitting a record high despite costly US led efforts to battle the production.

Earlier the head of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service, Viktor Ivanov, said the area of poppy plantation is growing. He has called for this problem to be addressed on the UN level as it represents a threat not only to Russia but to the European security.

“The transit of heroin from Afghanistan though the Islamic State-controlled territory is huge financial sponsorship. According to our estimates, the IS makes up to $1 billion on Afghan heroin trafficked through its territory,” Ivanov said.

So, we went into Afghanistan in 2001.  Opium production, 90% of the world supply, has increased since that time.  And in addition to this, the drug smuggling is now financing our newest Islamic terror group.  Awesome.  Any other unintended consequences of this?

From Time, dated February 2014:

The increase in supply has led to a much cheaper and purer product. The street price of a standard bag of heroin in Chicago is now $10 for 7-10 percent purity, according to Riley. “Ten years ago, we saw a different type of heroin. It was going on the street at 2-3 percent purity [and selling for] $50-$150 if you could find it.” Purity matters because it allows the drug to be taken without a needle. When heroin was cut with so much filler, it required a user to inject it into their body to achieve the desired high. The purer versions currently available can be smoked or snorted, which make them more appealing to teenagers, the college-educated and “people who normally wouldn’t come near it for fear of the needle,” says Riley. “That’s why it is spreading.”

This heroin is killing our kids and young adults.  From Forbes, dated May 2015:

According to a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heroin overdose deaths are skyrocketing across the United States. Between 2010 and 2013 alone, the number of deaths nearly tripled. Just over 8,200 Americans died from heroin overdoses in 2013, averaging 23 a day.





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