Iran’s suicide drones

This just seems like a headline that is intended to scare people, rather than convey any useful information.  From the article:

In a mid-February speech excerpted here, regular army General Abdolrahim Moussavi outlined the army’s growing use of drones, with emphasis on suicide or kamikaze drones. …

While Moussavi emphasized the utility of suicide drones, he elsewhere described these as but one of three categories of drones which the army operates, with surveillance and reconnaissance being the other two. At the same conference Moussavi’s colleague, Brigadier General Kioumars Heidari, told reporters that Iranian authorities had tested three different suicide drone models which they had derived from the Ra’ad [Thunder]-85 class.

  • A drone cannot, by definition, be involved in a suicide, unless the operator crashes it into his or her self.
  • Why would an army purposefully destroy drones?  They are expensive, and specifically made to be re-used.  We already have one-off “suicide” flying bombs, called missiles.
  • The idea of crashing a drone into something makes little sense.  It would only be a good idea if there was a critical time sensitivity to destroying the target, because otherwise you could just have the drone shoot missiles at the target repeatedly until it was successful.  Or send multiple drones with missiles.
  • On further research, it looks like this is closer to something a guy built in his garage.   It is small, and clearly not production quality.

So, in all, it looks like scaremongers outside Iran are trying to get us to buy into the wishful thinking bragging of the Iranian military.  Shades of cold war.


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