China coal use

Looks like China is reducing it’s dependence on coal even faster than they had previously planned, from Bloomberg:

Beijing, where pollution averaged more than twice China’s national standard last year, will close the last of its four major coal-fired power plants next year.

… Beijing plans to cut annual coal consumption by 13 million metric tons by 2017 from the 2012 level in a bid to slash the concentration of pollutants.Shutting all the major coal power plants in the city, equivalent to reducing annual coal use by 9.2 million metric tons, is estimated to cut carbon emissions of about 30 million tons, said Tian Miao, a Beijing-based analyst at North Square Blue Oak Ltd., a London-based research company with a focus on China.

So if they are closing 9.2 million metric tons by the end of 2016 just in Beijing, then they don’t have much more to do to get to the 13 million metric ton goal by the end of 2017.  Which makes me suspect that they plan to beat that number, maybe by a lot.

The US exports only about 10% of the coal it mines currently (per, so it makes sense that China is also shutting down their coal mines.


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