Still astonishing, no matter how many times this kind of stuff appears:

I’ve had it. Completely and totally had it. I am a 48-year-old woman, yes WOMAN, two squishy boobies and all the female reproductive parts that entails, and I’m sick to death of Feminists. I want to state my position clearly and unequivocally, I am a personist (Not a Humanist as that philosophy tends more towards humans over God, and as flawed as I am, I’m still a devout believer in God). I believe all persons are created equal with the same rights and yes, obligations. I believe that what really matters is what’s between your ears instead of between your legs; and when you start squawking and making demands based on your gender/sexual identity/sexual practices, you reduce yourself from a thinking person to a set of genitals, and that reduces the power you so crave.

Take my original rant focus, feminists. Their entire agenda is to unmake men, removing any and every scrap of manliness from them, basically neutering them. Everything a man does, if perceived as an insult (not even so much as a threat), is a possible target for feminists. What jobs they do, what they’re paid, what they say or don’t say, even how they sit on public transportation. I figure the only reason they haven’t tried to sue God for giving man a penis is that most of them are atheists. There has not been a credible account of feminine persecution or oppression in the Western World in a very long time. Is there a War on Women? Definitely in the oppressive world of Middle Eastern Islam (google clitorectomy), but the biggest thing American women can come up with is the aforementioned manspreading (again, google it) and slut shaming which is tied to personal choices made by the women for which they feel they shouldn’t be held responsible. I’m beginning to believe feminists will not feel “safe” until every man is reduced to a eunuch.

Here’s the link, in case you need to read it all (you don’t).

To that, I would add, a big thank you to my mom and all the women who did the heavy lifting, living through that Mad Men world, and “squawking” until it changed.  And it has changed.  But this anonymous blogger from Texas not only does not recognize how she (and all American women) have benefited from feminism, she also does not recognize that there are, in fact, still issues of substance to be debated, even here in ‘Murica.

Here’s one from yesterday on NPR.  About halfway through it, they discuss how prostitution is illegal for both the buyer and seller, yet far more prostitutes are arrested than johns (here’s one reference).  Leaving aside the debate on whether or not prostitution should be illegal at all, that’s sexism in enforcement.   Some law enforcement agencies think they should get special kudos because they have a special “arrest johns” event on super bowl sunday.  Only that day.  It’s an annual event.  And when they do it, they get accused of being too hard on the men:

But one Nassau County criminal defense lawyer who is representing men arrested in the sting is crying foul.

Elliot S. Schlissel told MailOnline that Rice’ decided to publicly shame the men who are still legally innocent.

‘These people could lose their jobs or marriages or have other problems and never be convicted of anything,’ he said.

This particular sexism in action leads to another issue as well, which is the problem of human trafficking, or underage kids who are coerced into sex work.  I would think it wouldn’t take very many guys being charged with child rape for word to get around not to pay for sex with teenagers.  Instead the people trying to help these kids are fighting to keep the kids from getting arrested.
So, if you want to have laws against buying sex, there should really be enforcement on both sides of the transaction.  Most feminists aren’t interested in hurt feelings, or emasculating anyone.  It’s about making sure the rules are the same for everybody.
Update 3/24/15:  Here’s another example of why American women shouldn’t abandon feminism just yet.  NPR reports:

Even after controlling for age, race, marital status and children in the home, males in nursing outearned females by nearly $7,700 per year in outpatient settings and nearly $3,900 in hospitals.

And as men flowed into nursing over the past decades, the pay gap did not narrow over the years studied: 1988 to 2013. The report was published Tuesday in JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association.

Really?  That’s just insult on top of injury.





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