Jindal on healthcare

American Enterprise Institute has weighed in on Bobby Jindal’s health care proposal, and, predictably, they hate it:

None of the potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates has thought more about the Affordable Care Act than Jindal, and none of the others has come up with a plan as detailed as his. Jindal’s key provision is to eliminate the tax break for employer-provided health coverage and instead offer a deduction with which people could buy insurance in the individual market.

The great flaw in Jindal’s plan is that it would cause millions of people to lose their coverage.

Apparently it’s OK that Obamacare caused millions of people to lose their coverage, but not OK if someone else’s plan does the same thing.  Obama famously promised no change.  There’s no way for Jindal to deny that this plan will certainly cause at least some employers to cancel their plans.  So obviously this is a feature, not a bug.

Tying insurance to employment is bad, so eliminating employers’ incentive to provide health insurance is a good thing.  Change is scary, but if Obamacare showed us anything, it’s that forcing this particular change on a few million people is not going to take away lunch from anybody in Washington.



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