Dear Jim Hackett,

If you would like to know how your alumni are feeling, go to an Al-Anon meeting.  See those women sitting around the meeting, crying quietly into their Kleenexes, each alone in their misery, yet happier to have someone to share it with who really understands?  Yes, that’s us.

We know our qualifiers have never meant to lie or even mislead us.  They just have not been capable of following through on their promises.  Well, that, and a healthy dose of narcissism.  We keep hoping they will change, and we keep expecting what we expected back when we met them.  They keep letting us down.  We feel foolish for always returning for more, and guilty for continuing to support their obviously self destructive habits, and of course publicly humiliated.

RichRod, in case you have already blocked out the memories, refused to recruit for or implement a defense.  The changes to the offense were a tough transition, but the complete lack of defense was just impossible to live with.  In addition, he was dismissive (to be generous) of Michigan tradition.  I’m sure you know this, but there are books about it (written by Bo, and also John U. Bacon).  Why couldn’t RR make that small effort?  It’s like he forgot our collective birthday.  And anniversary.  And Christmas.  In the event that the new coach is not familiar, please have the books delivered to him immediately.

Then DB.  The DB.  MMINO.  Please take a look at the whole game day experience again.  How can you make people prefer to go to the game rather than watch it on TV?  Or does that even matter?  These are questions to consider.  As an alum, I would like to go to the games once in a while, and have it feel like a college football game.  You already know the objections to the current situation re. pricing, piped in music, etc.

And now Hoke.  We had such high hopes.  He seemed like a true Michigan Man.  But then so did DB.  And I guess in their own ways, they were.  But not in the ways Bo meant.  Hoke nailed it on the integrity part (where DB failed).  But he was just not competent.

Don’t get too hung up on the terminology.  When the right coach is in place, he will be a Michigan Man.  Because if he isn’t one, he can’t be the other.  It’s not about where he’s from, or where he went to school, or what kind of offense he runs.  It’s about #1 integrity and #2 winning.

You know all of this.  I know you understand.  We can’t take another awful transition.  Your job is to be The One Who Gets It Right.  You must step into the pressure and throw that Hail Mary, and it must be good for the winning score.

Go Blue.


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