Police culture of brutality

From The Atlantic, a Chicago group called We Charge Genocide (named for a 1951 report on violence against minorities, including by police,) has issued a report on the state of Chicago Police Department abuse of Chicago residents:

A large part of the report, the delegation said, is about the culture of impunity in the CPD, where there seems little institutional will or interest in reducing violence against black people. In one instance, CPD officer Glen Evans was named in 45 excessive force complaints between 1998 and 2008, more than any other CPD officer during that decade. The Independent Police Review Authority recommended his dismissal, but instead he currently serves Commander of District 11 in Chicago.

I do not doubt that most of those 45 complaints were due to attacks on minorities, but his presence as a commander allows for a culture of violence against residents in general.  Police should not use excessive force against anyone.  If they stopped shooting and tasing and beating people, by definition they would stop shooting and tasing and beating minority people.

As the report noted, Chicago is 1/3 black.  We Charge Genocide needs to mobilize the rest of the community against this outrage, and one way to do that is to show how they all are threatened by this culture of violence that exists within the police.


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