Technology in Weapons

Now here’s a great use of technology in weapons.  Let’s add digital permissions into any kind of weaponry that uses electronics, in order to prevent weapons from being stolen and used, like Daesh (the group that calls themselves ISIS) is doing.  From Scientific American:

At least one foreign policy analyst has suggested incorporating GPS limitations into Stinger surface-to-air missiles to assist the Free Syrian Army in its defenses against air attack while ensuring that the missiles are useless outside that theater of conflict. More simply, any device with onboard electronics, such as a Stinger or a modern tank, could have a timed expiration; the device could operate after the expiration date only if it receives a coded “renew” signal from any of a number of overhead satellites. The renewal would take effect as a matter of course—unless, say, the weapons were stolen. This fail-safe mechanism could be built using basic and well-tested digital signature-and-authentication technologies. One example is the permissive action link devices by which American nuclear weapons are secured; these devices allow the weapons to be activated only when specific codes are shared. Another involves the protocols by which remotely operated drones are safeguarded against digital hijacking.

So the technology already exists.  We just need to build it into all the rest of the armaments.


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