Pam Grout on Forgiveness

From Pam Grout:


Most of us think it’s an act we’re forced to perform when horrific jerks do us wrong.

Forgiveness, as I see it, is realizing that no one HAS the power to do me wrong. To believe someone or something outside myself can hurt me is what started all the problems in the first place. It negates the Truth of who I am.

Being pissed off unplugs me from the F.P, this wild and crazy force that’s constantly trying to bless me. It erects a big wall between me and my highest good.

Believing outside forces can hurt me stunts my growth. Blinds me to all the miracles. Creates an illusory world that makes me want to hide, feel guilty, close down.

Each of us is here to strengthen the life force–in ourselves and in each other. If we point fingers and believe something outside ourselves can hurt us, we put the squeeze on this unbelievably cool and ever-present life force.

I think that the Power of Now approach to forgiveness is that if you are thinking about how someone has done you wrong, or wrong you have done to someone else, then you are living in the past.  Forgiveness requires you to stop living in the past, so that you can live in the now.  And only in the now can you connect to God, or the great life force, or whatever you want to call it.


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