Cornucopia Project – Titusville, PA

“Feed your neighbor, while nourishing your community.” – Ashley Sweda, Neiltown, PA

This project is a cooperative way to help feed those who are needy, including elderly, the unemployed, and just anyone who comes in to the food bank for help.  The food bank gives out seeds, and in return for free seeds, the people who take the seeds bring some of the harvest back to the food bank to be given away.  Here is a more lengthy descriptionAnd here.   And here is his presentation.  The presentation includes recommendations for sources for your plants, and also a reading list.

Wish list:

  • Horse, cow and/or chicken manure for fertilizer
  • Old hay and/or straw
  • Lime, wood fire ashes
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Old pipe and fencing
  • trampoline fabric


Contact:  AshleySweda (at)  814.758.5744

Sponsors:  Titusville Area Food Bank

Livingston Seed Company


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