Solar Material

Love seeing new developments in non fossil fuel energy sources.  Here’s one from WSJ:

Oh, how I wish a small portion of the money we are collectively spending right this instant on bombs aimed at goat herders could be spent here on additional research instead.  The good news is that our government labs must not be as incompetent as the rest of our government:

Game Changer?

If it pans out that way, researchers say, perovskite could play a crucial role in the future of solar power.

It can be made into stand-alone solar cells or layered on top of silicon solar cells to boost energy production by grabbing light from a part of the spectrum that silicon can’t capture.

“Perovskite does seem to promise to be a high-efficient, low-cost material,” says Jao van de Lagemaat, center director for chemistry and nanoscience at the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado, which is doing perovskite research for an undisclosed chemical company.

“This might be one of the materials that is going to change the game,” he says.

So a private sector company is paying the government for research.  I wonder how much we could add to that before it starts to become a bloated bureaucracy.


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