Anthropogenic Climate Change

I’m can’t be the only person out there who is exhausted by climate change, or global warming, or whatever it’s called at the moment.  As a person who understands mathematical models, and as a consumer who was completely taken in by the whole “fat is bad” error/lie, I’m not willing to just take “97% of scientists” at their word, not ever again.

We have a lovely example showing the effectiveness of vaccinations going on right now, in the US and England with childhood vaccines, and in Africa with polio.  This is where a model predicts what will happen under varying circumstances, and then those varied circumstances ALL occur.  So, vaccinate, diseases are reduced.  Stop vaccinating, diseases begin to spread again.  Turn off, turn back on.  Classic experimental design.

This can’t happen with climate change.  Unless we suddenly begin removing carbon from the atmosphere, we are going to have to modify models as data comes in, for anything that occurs that does not match existing models.  That does not give me particularly warm and fuzzy feelings about the models.  Most recent data, and this is from Scientific American, which I’m pretty sure is not one of the groups trying to disprove the climate change thesis:

Blistering heat waves recorded around the globe in 2013 were linked to human-caused global warming, according to a broad survey of studies on extreme weather events published yesterday.

But the studies could not link climate change as clearly to heavy rainfall, droughts and storms. For instance, the link between the three-year-long California drought and climate change remains to be deciphered by future research.

That last sentence is pretty sanitized.  The models, in fact, predicted that California would get a higher level of precipitation than normal.

Please note:  I am not saying that climate change is not happening.  I’m not saying that it is not caused by human caused increases in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.  I’m saying that I don’t trust the models.   And to be honest, I just find myself unable to be interested enough in them to really look at it.  I’m not a climate scientist, and I never will be.

I still think, regardless of climate science, that we need to stop using finite resources for energy, including all fossil fuels, and we need to do it RIGHT NOW.

Do we really need to know how much our climate will change going forward, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?  Isn’t it enough that the activity to produce the fossil fuels is, in itself, deadly (coal mining)?  Or that it ruins the beauty of our natural world (drilling, mountaintop removal, oil spills)?  Or that use of fossil fuels is deadly (power plant emissions, China)?  Or that control of finite reserves of this stuff is causing endless war?  Or that, we will at some point definitely run out anyway?


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