So, the insurance broker I bought my old policy through sent me a letter that it was likely that my policy would be cancelled, which I had anticipated based on a letter from the insurer last year.  I called to find out what to do.  It turns out that it has now definitely been cancelled as of 1/1/2015.

They don’t have rates yet for 2015 for any of the plans, and signups cannot start prior to November 15.  This is NOT through any exchange, or for figuring out any subsidies, this is just now how it is to buy health insurance.  Oh, and in order for the insurance to be in effect 1/1/2015, the enrollment process must be complete prior to 12/15.  So much for their Thanksgiving.

Oh, and the price.  For a comparable deductible, at today’s rates my premium is going up over 50%.  And that’s before whatever increases are added when the new rates come out. So I have a meeting for November 13 to pick a plan and get enrolled.  I sure hope there are no snags.  And yes, I know.  The new policy will cover stuff the old one didn’t.  But I knew what it did and didn’t cover, and I was OK with that.  Not sure what is going to change as far as what providers I can use.


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