More and more cops

I’m really happy to see so many more reports on law enforcement overreach, and on more mainstream venues. People are starting to pay attention to this problem. Often the reports focus on the racist aspects, but there is also more attention being paid to the militarization of the domestic police force.

at Slate: “I’m Not Your Brother,” Says Officer Tasering Black Minnesota Man in Front of His Children

Even when the police may not be abusing their power, the media is finally presenting something closer to a strict telling of the tale, rather than what would in the past have been a “hero cop” story, whenever a cop shot anyone.

at CNN:  Man stabs cop, officer then shoots him

Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of denial going on.  I think that most of the people who protest that Obama sent representatives to Michael Brown’s funeral, but not to (take your pick) most recent/most important/most tragic military funeral, either are 1. truly racist, 2. have not been exposed personally to how the police treat anyone who they do not respect (this group obviously includes blacks but also includes others, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the wrong group!), or 3. dramatically underestimate the scope and severity of the problem.  Or some combination of those.  These opinions mostly show up (for me) as shared Facebook posts.  It exists within my own family, where I know that the problem is both items 2 and 3.



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