Child immigrants

Jason Brennan has posted a description of the emotional case against immigration:

The main arguments for closed borders are:

  1. Immigrants will cause crime

  2. Immigrants will lower domestic wages

  3. Immigrants are less cultured or educated; or will sully our culture.

  4. Immigrants are poor and will exhaust our welfare services.

  5. Our rights of association allow us to exclude immigrants.

Based on FB posts and listening to people I know, here in NWPA, the order of those would be more like 2,4,1,3,5.  Or possibly 4,2,1,3,5.  At any rate, people really have not put much thought or study into the whole issue.  Who do they think is going to pay social security taxes in the future, when they are retired?  The projections are for much of our population growth to come from immigration.  This is a good thing.  Immigrants are GREAT for the economy.

But people who feel afraid and threatened by economic insecurity do not look at the big picture.  Especially around the problem of the children.  These were posted on FB:

It is shameful that people would protest the lawful processing of these people.  I certainly hope these people don’t call themselves Christians.

The NYT has reported on the reasons we are seeing these immigrant children.  It doesn’t seem to be a case of Obama putting up a sign in Central America somewhere.  Even if he did, I’m not sure it’s right to turn these kids away.  What a horrifying situation.

Of course, if we keep them, then what?  How do we care for them?  There are no good answers here.  But it’s obvious that the easy answer, just send them all back, is probably not moral or practical.


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