Memphis cops

So the Memphis cops are staging a “blue flu” protest because their health care premiums have risen 24%.  Welcome to the world of those who are paying you.  The police union president claims that this has driven retirees to suicide, citing a retiree in his 40’s.

I’m not sure that this isn’t a good thing for the people of Memphis.  Get the most self-entitled cops off the street.   (the blue flu part, not the suicide part)

Anyone who thinks that their wages or benefits are guaranteed, even with a contract, should know by now that this is not the case.  Those who are not already retired should assume Social Security and/or any other pension will be received at a less than living amount, and any kind of medical benefit in retirement to be no more than Medicare, at best.  In other words, if you are a retiree in your 40’s, you should either have enough saved up to pay for medical insurance and living expenses, or you need to think about working a little longer.


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