Drones on the Jersey shore

Jim Quinn at The Burning Platform has documented drone use at Wildwood, NJ.  At first, I wondered how he knew for sure that this was a government drone.  After all,you can buy drones that look at lot like the one in his picture.

Anyway, then he described how DHS was working with New Jersey Institute of Technology to do exactly what he saw.  Here are some links that I found:




Lo and behold, the last one shows photo of the exact drones being tested.  Not the one Jim saw.  That doesn’t make it any less creepy or scary, that the one he saw was probably not DHS.  In fact, maybe even creepier.  Maybe it was a Google drone, or a pedophile drone.  There are a lot of unsettling possibilities.  And of course, whether he saw the DHS drones or not, they are out there!

Here’s the link to his post.  Warning:  it is also filled with a lot of hate filled rhetoric regarding the other beach goers.  Apparently he checked with everyone else there and he is the only one with a job, and also they all voted for Obama.  He also checked on the parentage of all the children there (I frequently have at least one kid that is not mine with me and my kids when we go to the beach).  Also, seriously, do NOT read the comments.



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