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Sorry, I can’t help it.  There’s just so much emotion out there.

I kind of feel like, ACA is so godawful, that if anyone, anywhere, can get even the slightest relief from any part of it, I’m in favor of that relief.  On the other hand, it just seems unfair that while some people have been given this new right to free contraception, others have it taken away.  But I have yet to see anything about ACA that has any kind of fairness for the people subject to it.  It’s just random in its giving and taking away.

Megan McArdle has about the best summary I’ve seen so far, at Bloomberg View.  I don’t agree with her on the concept that corporate entities should have the same rights as natural persons:

it was pretty predictable from earlier rulings like Citizens United, in which the court also held that people don’t lose their First Amendment rights simply because they have come together in a group or legally organized that group as a corporation.

However, I think only Congress can fix that problem by more clearly defining exactly what rights and responsibilities are conferred upon groups as compared to individuals.

In the end, the whole thing reminds me of the prisoners of war scene from Gettysburg.  The two sides are both complaining of basically the same thing (they both believe that they are fighting for someone’s rights), talking past each other in such a way that in the movie, they literally cannot understand one another.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dDpwZegm60




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