Cops in Georgia

A county sheriff in Georgia uses a flash bang device instead of a knock on the door to serve an arrest warrant at 3AM, critically injuring a toddler:

#1, why do we need this military use of force by our domestic police? Under what circumstances is it justified?  Here’s the justification in this instance, the guy that they were after was known to own weapons (wow, this applies to nearly everyone I know):

Hours after a confidential informant said he bought methamphetamine from Wanis Thometheva at a Habersham County home late Tuesday, officers returned to the home to arrest him.

Thometheva, 30, of Cornelia, wasn’t a stranger to them, police say. Terrell said that during a prior arrest on drug charges, investigators discovered Thometheva had weapons, including an AK-47.

“That’s the threat he uses to those who don’t do what he wants,” Terrell said.

#2, how is this kind of home invasion controlled?  How are authorities making sure that this kind of incompetence is discouraged and eliminated?  In this case, IT’S NOT (!!!):

Terrell said he contacted the GBI, but was told no further investigation is needed.

Quotes from Atlanta Journal-Constitution.




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