Carbon tax

Why do people decide to get on team D or team R?  Even more puzzling, what makes them stay there, on either side?  I would guess getting there is a lot like religion, but staying?  I don’t understand.

Team D, represented here by ClimateProgress, was shocked, I tell you, shocked, to discover that self described team R members would prefer to see carbon taxed rather than earnings or corporations.  That is, they would be in favor of tax policy that would tend to punish activities that currently cause damage that is not being included in their cost rather than productive activities that we really should be encouraging.

This also suggests that not all team R members are climate change deniers, or at the very least can recognize carbon externalities.

The debate was in front of a largely conservative audience, and yet:

At the conclusion of the debate, a straw poll was taken and approximately 80% of the audience indicated they favored taxing carbon emissions in return for a dollar-for-dollar tax swap on something else (FICA taxes, corporate income taxes, etc.).


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