Thank you, Paul Waldman, for posting this pithy description of sex discrimination.  It’s real, it continues, and it exists everywhere, from the New York Times to the White House, even as *some of* the perpetrators demand its demise.

It wouldn’t be so infuriating if it weren’t so ubiquitous.  It’s not like other mean-median statistics, where you have a big group together and a few outliers.  It’s 2 separate distributions, pretty much across the board by region and industry, approaching equality only in jobs that approach the lower bound of pay, i.e. minimum wage jobs.  Oh, and sorry mom, but as I’m sure you are keenly aware, not only did this used to be true for lawyers, but it still is. (don’t miss the dismissive mens’ comments on that one.  Assholes.  I hope they all have daughters, so they can sue the bastards that underpay them.)

And it’s not just pay, the whole behavior expectation thing…. Ugh this is giving me frown lines!

Edit: 5/16/14.  Another great piece from Jessica Goldstein at ThinkProgress.  The cool thing about this particular situation is that it has happened in media.  Therefore, there will be lots of great (female and some male) writers out there who are capable of doing the analysis and writing to get this story told properly, but who also care deeply and personally about this issue happening in their world.  If/when this happens to the new female chief of GM, *now* it might get some attention.  The way all the shit hit the fan as she walked into her new office door has always looked like a setup to me.  But however her exit happens, it will now receive a little more scrutiny, I think, from the media who will compare it to this event.


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