One crony at a time…

That’s how to pick them off, I guess.  Split off one small group at a time from the powerful rich, because after all, even the richest of the rich can’t go it alone.

This positive article from normally gloomy David Stockman details how we may be close to eliminating ONE giveaway to the large corporations, the Export-Import Bank.

Some conservatives, led by Ryan and Hensarling, … want to make 2014 the year that they end President Obama’s “crony” bank once and for all.

“This is our opportunity to advance our welfare-reform agenda, which starts by getting rid of corporate welfare,” Ryan said in a statement on Friday.

Ryan has not proposed ending Ex-Im in his budgets because the issue splits the party. A number of Republicans, supported by business groups like the Chamber of Commerce, support reauthorizing the bank.

“There is no doubt that Chairman Ryan’s voice will be important in this debate and his vocal stance this early in the debate has certainly garnered a lot of attention. The fight over Ex-Im has the potential to help redefine the Republican Party, which is something Ryan knows how to do, most notably on entitlement reform,” said Dan Holler of Heritage Action, which opposes Ex-Im.

It’s hilarious that they refer to it as “Obama’s crony bank.”  It was founded in 1934 by FDR, and I”m guessing it was reauthorized prior to the most recent changes in 2012.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of Obama or Ex-Im, but the finger pointing in DC gets so old.  My 15 year old son, who really does not pay much attention to politics, has for years now been blaming Obama for everything.  And I mean everything.  Running late for school? Obama’s fault.  Spilled milk?  Obama’s fault.  Dogs ran off?  Obama’s fault.  Maybe he’s going to be a politician.  Or a political reporter.

At any rate, it’s nice to see that maybe we can get ONE of these things eliminated.  It seems to me that back in 1934, everything involving exports and imports must have been much, much more difficult and time consuming.  All the communications, the legal stuff, and the banking.  We have a lot better access to foreign markets, banks, legal information, etc. today, and certainly lots of creative financing is available, so why do we need Ex-Im?

Also it provides a model for those of us interested in eliminating these built in advantages for the rich and large corporations.  Divide and conquer.  Yes, it’s discouraging, because they are likely to invent new tax breaks and programs and advantages at twice the rate that existing ones can be eliminated, but the elimination of even ONE would be a welcome change.


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