Measles in Brazil

The Guardian has posted a report on how the reduction in vaccination rates in Europe and the US is causing measles outbreaks not just in those areas, but also in countries where vaccination has been largely adhered to, namely Brazil.

One theme I noticed in the article is that countries tend to make announcements that communicable diseases have been “eradicated” in their country or state.  The renewed infections documented in the article show that really, no disease can be considered eradicated unless it is eradicated from the whole world.  Which is why our kids still get polio vaccines, even though it was eradicated in the US in 1979.

Despite it being only three months into 2014, this is the first year that the number of measles cases in California has surpassed 40 since 2000, when the highly contagious disease was declared eradicated in the U.S., KQED reports.

Sometimes there are ideas contrary to popular belief that are, in fact, correct.  Those ideas get ridiculed and “disproven” right up until they get accepted.  The problem is that “vaccines are ineffective and harmful” is not one of those unpopular but correct ideas.  It is now being proven WRONG, in fact, and in a sad and ugly way.

I don’t know how you convince the hard-core vaccine opposition to comply.  There’s too much human nature tied up in it.  Contrarianism, pride, group-think.  The science really doesn’t matter to those who refuse to vaccinate their kids.


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