Liberal vs. Libertarian

Salon has two articles on “reformed” libertarians, and why they became liberals.  One changed due to philosophical reasons, one due to an aversion to everyone else he found who self-identified as libertarian.

I would like to start by pointing out the false dichotomy.  I’ll let Reese Bobby explain it:

So, you don’t really have to pick libertarian or liberal.  In fact, I’m not sure how the man who changed because of his convictions is able to stomach the reality of liberal policies as implemented.   (one example: Control of education from the federal level?  Is that really a good idea?  Haven’t most improvements in education that started at the federal level come from the Justice department?  Are all those guaranteed student loans really a good idea, or did they create the huge ugly for-profit education industry, and are they just the worst form of debt serfdom currently available?)

And, I’m not sure how the man who didn’t like the “clowns” in the Ron Paul movement really feels about the people he meets who are liberals.  Maybe they are a lot better because although they also believe a bunch of BS with nothing real to back it up, they mean well and want to help people.  (one example, an actual clown:  Jon Stewart’s State of the Union show.  He mocked Obama’s promise to reduce the backlog of VA claims by showing a model of a statue labeled “bureaucratic incompetence” and then LESS THAN 30 SECONDS LATER, he mocked Rand Paul’s statement that it might be arguable that government is inherently stupid by equating that with a desire for anarchy.  Really?? Weren’t they just saying basically the exact same thing?)

Anyway, you don’t have to pick liberal or libertarian.  You can be a conservative.  Or a bleeding heart libertarian.  Or a Green.  Or a Constitutionalist.  Or a Tea Partier.  (Which, to be very clear, is NOT a libertarian).  Or an independent.  Or put a little thought into your political philosophy so you can describe it in a few seconds in case someone asks, and you actually want to answer.  You don’t have to pick a team.  (Here we go Steelers, it’s a new season today!)

This false dichotomy is a distraction from the real issue, which is that the government has been co-opted by large corporations, and all elected officials, regardless of the labels they choose or the rhetoric they spout, are voting in legislation which benefits only the large companies.  All the rest is bread and circuses.


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