More Bad Cops

This is just despicable.

The cops entrapped special needs students by pretending to be their friends, asked the kids to buy them drugs, then arrested them.

“The couple said they were initially happy their son had made his first and only friend last year at school, but they became suspicious when Briggs came up bizarre excuses to avoid coming over for a visit.

They later found out Briggs was actually Riverside County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Zipperstein, who they said pressured their lonely and vulnerable son with more than 60 text messages over about three weeks into buying half a joint from a homeless man.

The teen turned the marijuana over to his “friend” and purchased the drug once more at the request of the undercover officer, who then cut off all ties to the teenager.

The student was arrested a short time later at school along with 21 classmates, many of whom were also special needs students, according to the suit.”



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