Technology to reduce death by police car chase

Story from BBC.  This is good news, I think.  I saw the aftermath of a police chase about a month ago.  The SUV was flipped in a ditch.  There were skid marks indicating it had hit the brakes and swerved.  The marks were right as you come around a curve and there is an intersecting road.  So at night, you can’t see if there is someone (say, a police car) at the intersection, but the car at the intersection can see the lights of the oncoming traffic.  So obviously the police pulled out in front of the SUV, forcing the crash.  The newspaper said the chase was due to “traffic violations.”  Not sure how PSP decides what is worthy of car chase.  Anyway, this would prevent it, and I’ve been wondering how long it would take to get this.  It’s almost too late, as it would be more effective to use a drone, and those are not far off.

GPS bullets are latest weapon for American police

StarcChase GPS bullet The bullet is used during car chases

It sounds like something out of a James Bond movie – GPS bullets that can track the location of a suspect’s car.

The bullet is designed to make high-speed chases safer – enabling the authorities to track suspects without having to risk theirs or others’ lives.

And in true spy fashion the system works by hitting a button inside a police car.

That triggers a lid to pop up releasing a bullet that shoots out and sticks to the car in front.

The system, dubbed Starchase, is already in use in four US states – Iowa, Florida, Arizona and Colorado – and the firm behind it is now keen to get the system into the UK.

It costs $5,000 (£3,108) to install and each bullet costs $500 (£312).


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