From Whitney Johnson:

“A look at some of the research has convinced me that maybe Woody Allen was right, and 80% of success really is just showing up. According to Keith Simonton, professor of psychology at UC Davis, the odds of a scientist writing a groundbreaking paper (defined as the number of citations in other works) is directly correlated to the number of papers that the scientist has written — not to how smart the scientist is.

Rob Wiltbank, professor of strategic management at Willamette University, tracked the returns of the Angel Oregon Fund and found no material difference in the returns of the winners and the finalists in various pitch competitions over a 10-year period.

We all dream about winning, but it’s the showing up that counts.

Even though we can’t necessarily control the outcome.  Sarah Ban Breathnach said, “When you use expectations to measure a dream’s success, you tie stones around your soul.  Dreams may call for a leap of faith, but they set the soul soaring.” There are no regrets when we invest ourselves fully and show up to ourselves. Happily, we get lots of chances.”

I know this has been true for me, and is the secret of pretty much every success I’ve had.  I simply refuse to give up.  This obstinance can be a negative, but hardly ever.  Once in my life that I’m aware of.  And even when tenaciousness turns into hardheadedness or just plain denial, there is still much to be gained along the way, which is where letting go of the outcome comes in handy.


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