Driverless Cars

I love this topic, and agree with those who think it will lead to nearly unimaginable changes.

From the Economist

And from Popular Science.

“NHTSA defines five levels of autonomous-car tech, with level zero being nothing. Level one cars include standard safety features such as ABS brakes, electronic stability control, and adaptive cruise control (ACC). In level two, level-one features like lane centering and ACC tie together and the car begins to drive itself. Level three has the Google-style autopilot. And level four is the holy grail—the car that can drive you home when you’re drunk and then go fetch another six-pack. Already NHTSA has mandated level-one technologies in every new car. Several automakers have systems that approach level two on the test track, and Mercedes appears to be the first to market.”

Level 3 should not be allowed on personal vehicles.  That will force people to drive only under bad or worst  case conditions.  I really don’t want to be on the road with someone who ONLY drives when it’s snowing, do you?


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