Business Uncertainty

So this post tries to equate the uncertainty associated with Fed decisions to other types of business and economic uncertainty.

The reason the Fed has an announcement is because the decisions are uncertain.  It’s almost definitional.  Anyway, traders and others in the business who were upset with the seeming inconsistency should get over it, blogger is correct.

However, this is unrelated to other types of business uncertainty that are created by the government, and which should not occur.  For instance, when the government bailed out financial (and other) firms, it created an uneven playing field.  If you were a competitor to those companies, would you try to hold off on investments at that point?  I would.

Sorry to bring it up, but Obamacare is another really huge uncertainty.  No one really understands it, or what is required, or how much it will cost.  What employers do know is that if they add employees, it will end up costing a lot more than the current hourly rate.  For me personally, I don’t know if I will be able to keep my individually purchased plan, or if it will be cancelled, or if its price will change (i.e. double?).  And I will only have until “early 2014,” according to Highmark, to decide whether to keep my plan or move to one of the exchange plans.  Because then the enrollment period is over (for the year?  Until I have a “life event”?  who knows???).  And it may be that my plan is no longer allowed, because it is a catastrophic care, high deductible plan.

At any rate, in my opinion, there is unacceptable uncertainty, and it currently exists in the form of unequally applied or unfair and unbalanced, or unknown and unknowable rule of law.


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